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BBJasper Invoices
Installed Demo Published 02/2017
BBJasper Invoices - An installed demo that generates customer invoices dynamically from the account information in the ChileCompany database
The BBJasper Invoices demo features the BBjJasperViewer to display customer invoices. The BBJasperViewer displays all of the invoices in a single report, and you can scroll through the individual customer invoices by paging through the report. The BBJasperViewer has a number of other useful capabilities, including offering the option to save the report (either locally or to GoogleDrive) and print it to PDF format or a local printer. The app also demonstrates how to use a variety of custom fonts in Jaspersoft Studio and your JasperReports, ensuring that they will always be available to any remote client.

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You can view the source for the small sample programs by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the program. Most of the other programs are installed with the BBj Product Suite in the <bbjhome>/demos directory. Download the package that contains the demos from the BUI-powered Product Download Page. To create your own copy of this page on your machine, follow the instructions given in the <bbjhome>/demos/BUIShowcase/readme.txt file. readme.txt

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